Assess and Improve Data Quality Faster and at Lower Total Cost 

Kingland's Data Diagnostics are a first of its kind, using a diagnostic approach to identify data quality issues in master and reference data. Our diagnostics provide analytics that help users understand how to look at the data like an advanced data analyst. By analyzing the patterns used by our leading subject matter expert data analysts, who have analyzed millions and millions of records ranging from security master to client and counterparty databases, we developed the most efficient set of tools called diagnostics to help all clients quickly identify and prioritize data quality issues.  When used across large data sets, diagnostics help clients reduce their time and investment in their data quality programs, prioritize issues, take actions in days instead of weeks, and establish a baseline and monitoring schedule to ensure data quality is maintained at acceptable levels.  

As one of several fine-tuned components of the Kingland Platform, our Data Diagnostics help organizations assess and improve data quality significantly faster and at a lower total cost. These cloud-based tools help teams measure, analyze and prioritize data quality.  

Want to get a better feel for how it all works? Let us put our tools to work for you with our Data Quality Assessment.