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Intelligent News Surveillance

Identify and prioritize important news from thousands of sources about the people, products and places that drive business outcomes

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Find the Signal in the Noise

Knowledge workers and experts rely on daily insights about the companies, people, geographies and products that drive their business. However, the sheer volume of sources and variety of news and announcements make it nearly impossible to keep up with everything, much less determine what's important or not. How does today's information impact risk or present new opportunities to help clients?

Complement existing investments in enterprise data, operations and risk systems by accurately monitoring, identifying and prioritizing information from thousands of sources. Using trained natural language processing and artificial intelligence models to read, interpret, and recommend decisions can help organizations maintain compliance, manage risk, and identify market opportunities. 

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Named Entity Recognition

Automatically identify hundreds, thousands, or millions of organizations, people, products, and locations that may impact risk or drive business opportunity.  

Global News and Announcements

Specify the most important sources of news from more than 200,000 different sources including national and international news, regulatory bodies, industry associations, regional or local news, corporate press releases or websites and internal, private communication.

Expert Decision Making

Identify the most important articles, sections, and trends over time related to risk identification, market activity, customer behavior, and mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies and other corporate actions. 

My team can actually focus on the most important risks now."

Chief Risk Officer
Financial Institution