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Prepare to be challenged - and rewarded. 

Work on big, complex problems in a fast-paced environment with some of the best software development and data science professionals in the business.

Kingland is growing. We’re looking for individuals who like to tackle big challenges, want to work on mission-critical solutions, desire to make a difference in the world — and to be rewarded for that effort. Our employees have the unique opportunity to work on challenging projects, using cutting edge technology, in a fascinating industry from right here in Iowa. Our global clients and employee base still offer our employees plenty of opportunities to travel the world. Where will your Kingland journey lead you?

Explore all the ways that quality of work meets quality of life at Kingland —and launch yourself on an exciting new adventure.

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Plenty of Awesome Benefits

Health, Dental, Vision Insurance

Our high deductible health insurance comes without a premium to help keep you and your family healthy. In addition to paying your premiums, Kingland helps you fund your health savings account with contributions to both individuals and families. Employees enrolled in a Kingland health plan will receive complimentary access to a telemedicine provider with 24/7 access to doctors whether you’re at home or traveling. On top of health insurance, we offer comprehensive dental and vision packages. 


Yes, we are a technology company that also helps you save for retirement! Full-time employees are automatically enrolled in our 401(k) plan, which provides a generous employee match. We also offer access to a Roth 401(k), allowing you to diversify your retirement savings.

Fitness & Health

Kingland is proud to have the best people in its workforce – the kind of people that are constantly improving themselves. In order to encourage this kind of self-care, Kingland provides free annual health screenings, reimburses gym memberships, equipment and other wellness-related costs (up to $200), and offers many company-wide fitness and nutrition challenges. In addition, Kingland offers you and your family free 24/7 access via phone or computer to a licensed professional counselor in order to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

Corporate Giving

We are committed to our local communities and want to see them continue to flourish. One way we do this is by annually matching up to $1000 in donations to organizations you care about. We also give you an extra day off each year to volunteer on your own or with a Kingland-sponsored activity.

Mentor Program

To create the best experience as you make a transition to Kingland, we will match you with someone who has been through it all before. Our mentorship program with an experienced Kingland professional will offer you counsel and guidance as you launch your career at Kingland.


Flexible Schedules

Our employees are measured by results, not by hours. We expect a lot out of our employees, but we don't expect them to be watching the clock. Our global clients and teams require us to be flexible, but also give our employees the ability to take ownership of their schedules when their work is complete. 


The perks are endless! On-site massages, social events, a home office stipend, and heated parking garages are just some of the unique benefits available in both locations. We also offer discounts to nearby restaurants in Ames and access to an on-site cafeteria and meals to-go created by our in-house chef at Clear Lake.

Milestone Reward

At various points in your Kingland career, you will receive a monetary reward for your loyalty, hard work and dedication. Use your monetary reward to treat yourself for all that you've done for our company.

Parental Leave

Family is important to Kingland because it’s important to you. After the birth or adoption of a child, we encourage both parents to take 3 weeks of fully paid parental leave, in addition to standard time off.


What I enjoy here at Kingland is that I started as an intern in college and when I graduated I was able to come full time. I've also had a lot of mentors a long the way and I was able to grow with Kingland. 

- Jacob Tweedy, Data Analyst

What you'll find at Kingland is that you get a lot of opportunities that you wouldn't find in a larger firm. You get the chance to be in front of customers more often and can talk to them to find out what they really use their data for and what the purpose is. 

- Jon Allen, Director of Business Analysis

Many of you have asked me why is Kingland in Iowa over the years. Talent, Culture, Location, and Way of Life are all so important to our strategy at Kingland Systems.

- Tony Brownlee, President

I passionately believe that individuals are a company's greatest asset. As a project manager and scrum master for projects that have members dispersed among three locations on two continents, I strive to empower our team and ensure they feel that they are an integral part of our organization's mission.

- Becca Klein, Project Manager

Being a relatively young company, meaning both the company itself and the employees, there's a lot of energy and excitement surround the work we do and how it can rapidly change or grow.

- Colin Ward, Business Analyst

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