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Recent Announcements

David Kingland

Todd Rognes has been named Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Tony Brownlee has been named President. David Kingland will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board and take on the role of Chief Innovation Officer of Kingland.  


hosted by Data Management Review

Have you ever considered how much value is tied up in unstructured data that is difficult to access? What nuggets of useful information could be buried in documents such as company reports? Data Management Review provides solutions to these questions.

Kingland Cognitive Engine Turns Unstructured Data into Actionable Information
Todd Rognes

David Spalding Joins Kingland Board of Directors

David Spalding, the Raisbeck Endowed Dean of the Ivy College of Business at Iowa State University, is the newest board member at Kingland.

David Spalding

Kingland Systems: The Cognitive Approach to Enterprise Data

hosted by CIO Review

The days of financial institutions toiling to extract meaningful information and data from documents are gone. In the current age of artificial intelligence (AI), Kingland Systems—a full-service technology solutions provider based in Iowa—is harnessing the power of cognitive technology to demystify data...

Cognitive Approach to Data

Kingland Achieves CMMI Level 5 for Software Development Maturity 

Kingland achieves level 5 appraisal from CMMI. Kingland teams use nearly 450 specific processes that are aligned with CMMI and are designed, improved and audited regularly.

Kingland Achieves Level 5
Jason Toyne

New Kingland Platform Updates Focus on Enterprise Requirements

Latest Platform offerings include cross microservices transaction support, enhanced PDF table extraction, the ability to manage reference data through the platform data management UI, enhanced workflow and rules capabilities, and more.

Platform Updates Focus on Enterprise Requirements

Applying AI to Deliver Results

hosted by DTCC Fintech

DTCC shared how they applied AI from Kingland to deliver results. They utilized key components of AI to move from manual and time consuming manual entry to "significantly reducing the time it takes to process and update the mining of data from prospectuses and other documents filed within the SEC's EDGAR system."

AI Delivers Results