Our People and Culture

Sometimes it's not About the Journey or the Destination...

But About the People you Meet Along the Way

At Kingland, we relentlessly focus on a culture of continuous improvement, forward-looking innovation, and exceptional client success. We enthusiastically solve our clients' challenging problems with our technology and data expertise.

We strive to create a company culture that blends a Midwestern work ethic with expertise that is second-to-none. Our employees take pride in delivering high-quality products to our clients and push both themselves and their teams to be successful. From the moment you join the Kingland team, we lay out a clear path for advancing your career in a predictable way. Our employees grow professionally through a variety of unique experiences from traveling to client locations around the world to collaborating with our team in Dalian, China.

 We solve big problems and work on challenging solutions from the comfort of our offices in Iowa. This is where quality of work meets quality of life.

The People You Meet
Matt Tony & Jason: AWS re:Invent, Las Vegas
DTCC Fintech Symposium
Kingland at RegTech, New York
“At Kingland I am surrounded by a talented team that is dedicated to solving complex problems. Every day presents a new challenge and requires us to continually grow in the way we think and operate."
Josh Doering

Josh Doering
Business Analyst

“Kingland has helped me grow professionally by providing me with many opportunities to showcase and refine my skills in presenting technical concepts to a variety of audiences."
Sara Schumacher

Sara Schumacher
Statistical Analyst

"Everyone is accessible. You can say “hello” to David while walking through the hall, and he knows who you are... you aren’t just a number in the system."
Patrick Rice

Patrick Rice
Senior Software Architect

"I enjoy that the people at Kingland are easy to talk to and work with. Whether it's collaborating in work tasks or simply being greeted with smiles and pleasantries when moving about the office, the people at Kingland make it enjoyable to work here."
Deb Goodhue

Deb Goodhue
Senior Financial Analyst

"I improved a lot over the past 7 months and it’s all because of constant feedback from my teammates and I should say each one of them are very focused and inspiring which makes me focused."
Manaswi Podduturi

Manaswi Podduturi
Software Engineer