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Deliver Faster, at Scale with the Kingland Platform

Client-specific enterprise data, text analytics, integration and user experience

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The Kingland Approach

Our Kingland Platform has been designed from the ground up to deliver global, enterprise-class capabilities faster than conventional software products. 

Our approach is simple, professional and proven.

  • Elaborate the solution together to determine key business needs, usage, data requirements, technical architecture, service level agreements, and other factors
  • Select the Kingland Platform components required to deliver our client's specific capabilities
  • Assemble a focused team of Kingland experts and engineers to implement and configure the Kingland Platform and then customize and deliver a client-specific solution
  • Manage, monitor, and support the solution so you can focus on your top business priorities
Intern and Work Coach
Executives Talking Through Solution

We'll work with you to customize your solution by focusing these areas of configuration 

Data and Security

Identify the sources, types, quality issues, criticality, and sensitivity of the data that meets your organization's policies and data strategy

User Experience

Design efficient interactions and user interfaces that help internal and external users leverage advanced features and data

Workflow and Rules

Implement governance models through users, roles, and groups that efficiently allow work to be performed through clear cut responsibility and monitoring

AI Training

Implement, train, and refine advanced artificial intelligence, text analytics, and machine learning models to optimize unstructured data and work


Implement batch, API-based, and more advanced integrations across legacy systems throughout the enterprise 

Program Management

Let Kingland manage the day-to-day work and deliver while providing management level updates, monitoring, and engagement of key stakeholders

Minimize risk through the Kingland Platform, processes, and pragmatic expertise

Success Stories

Fortune 50 Client reduced industry classification risk

Fortune 50 Commercial Bank Solves Credit Risk and Improves Operational Efficiency

A Fortune 50 client decreased the time and effort taken to manually review entity data and reduced its operational risk on about 2 million records under management. The company has continued to increase the scale of its operations and yet remain compliant and better serve its clients. 

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DTCC uses Text Analytics to Reduce Data Mining from Files in SEC's EDGAR System

Text Analytics Delivers Results for DTCC

DTCC, a U.S. financial services firm, used artificial intelligence to remove the manual data entry in its central repository of mutual fund data and operations rules which house approximately 27,000 securities and more than 5 million data points. The result: a significant reduction in the time it takes to process and update the mining of data from prospectuses and other documents filed in the SEC's EDGAR system.  

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Insurance Giant Reduces Pricing Risk

Insurance Giant Reduces Pricing Risk

One of the largest insurance companies in the world implemented a system design process that improved transparency of the company's submission data for brokers and underwriters by eliminating internal pricing competition and tracking the full submission lifecycle.

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Kingland Solution Pricing

Clients hire Kingland to deliver. To do so, we use our fully managed and hosted Kingland Platform, a focused team of Kingland experts, and additional operational support, as needed.  

Implementation & Enhancements

Professional Services

Kingland software development team to implement and enhance the Solution, per client-specific requirements, typically in 3, 6, 9, and 12 month projects. 

  • Program and Project Management
  • UI and UX Design and Development
  • Source Onboarding and System Integration
  • AI Processing & Training
  • Testing and Roll-Out
How is it priced?
Pricing is driven from the hours and expertise of resources required to deliver upon the scope.

Scope-Driven Time & Materials


Operational Support

Kingland services team to perform operational tasks specific to the Solution, including: 

  • Non-defect support for inquiries, manual tasks and client-specific requests 
  • Ongoing AI exception processing or other data exception processing 
How is it priced?

Pricing is driven largely from the volume of expected work and the expertise for completion of the work and any client-specific management or reporting needs.

As needed, Time & Materials or volume-based

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