Improve Reference Data Strategy

The Kingland approach to the management and maintenance of reference data features decades of compliance and regulatory data management experience combined with our advanced technology platform. Employing data quality program and controls, metrics and analytics, we align, remediate, manage, enrich, and maintain over 35 core data attributes for legal entities, as well as their immediate, intermediate and global ultimate parentage for our customers. 

A unique subscription-based service allows customers to focus on relevant legal entities and securities of interest, while receiving legal entity data and security linkages that align with their distinct business needs. After initial alignment, validation and enrichment, Kingland proactively monitors records under management for updates in the marketplace. By continuously scanning more than 45,000 sources for indications of corporate actions, teams no longer need to worry about lacking coverage and monitoring on companies of interest. Mergers, acquisitions, name or address changes, bankruptcy filings, and more are covered and updated through Kingland's RDaaS solution.

Whether you service 5,000 or 2,000,000 clients or answer to U.S. or global regulators, our global coverage and high-quality RDaaS solution will enable you to focus on optimizing your data strategy through advanced data quality program, controls, and metrics.