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Text Analytics and Data Extraction

Discover new opportunities and make fact-based decisions from unstructured data

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Unlock Enterprise Data

Most of the core data required by today's data strategies is locked in documents, filings, forms and other unstructured formats. Discovering and extracting critical data from these varied sources allow organizations to better manage data for automation, analysis and decision making. 

Using an "as-a-service" text analytics solution that accurately locates and pulls the most important data from unstructured sources and documents can help organizations improve the quality and usability of their data. It also allows experts to use this data to do their jobs faster and positively influence business outcomes. 

Request to see the text analytics and data extraction solution use case that has shown a 99% accuracy rate in several cases.

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Natural Language Processing

NLP models are trained to uniquely identify specific attributes and related context - just like an expert - at scale across thousands of documents and in seconds of processing.

Machine Learning Improves Each Day

Machine Learning algorithms take information, metadata and exception processing feedback to refine the identification of extraction each day to improve on the next day's processing.

Training & Exception Processing

Teams of data analysts and operations professionals resolve exceptions and train client-specific models for greater accuracy or as new attributes are added over time.

"We have 27,000 securities on the base with 5 million data points and we have a confidence rate of over 99%. That's really important because the dealers have to know that the information they're using to sell product to their client is accurate."

Managing Director
Financial Services