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See product demos, hear from industry leaders and see how Kingland has been active in the industry through video. 

Where Does AI Fit in the World of Enterprise Data Management

DTCC Fintech Symposium- Extending what machines and humans can do

The Kingland Platform

Kingland Cognitive Computing Personas

The Challenges of Teaching Machines to Read 

How the Cloud Augments Machine Learning at Kingland

Kingland Platform Demo- User Management

Kingland Platform Demo - Role and Group Management 

Kingland Platform Demo- Rules Management

Kingland Platform Demo- Workflow Management

Kingland Platform Demo- Reference Data Management

Kingland Platform Demo- Hierarchy Data Management

A Day in the Life at Kingland - Engineer

A Day in the Life at Kingland - Project Manager

How is AI changing the game for Master Data Management

Kingland Data Diagnostics for Finance, Accounting and Insurance Firms

How Companies Manage Risk

A Day in the Life at Kingland - Data Analyst

A Day in the Life at Kingland - Advanced Intern

Kingland Demo Days 2017

How can broker dealers best prepare for the Consolidated Audit Trail

How is the public accounting industry taking advantage of new technologies